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Year 6

Dear Year 6,

I hope you are all doing well at home and you are enjoying the sunshine (it’s wonderful at the moment, isn’t it?) So this is the first of the weekly updates. I am missing all your smiling faces and funny comments! The main priorities are that you are all staying safe, keeping well and keeping busy to avoid boredom. While you have all the activities to do from the Year 6 page, I hope that you are also taking time to be children: have fun, explore the garden, make dens, play with your siblings, etc.

There are a few activities which I thought would be good to do at this time. As you are in a momentous, historical period, I thought it would be great to make a time capsule which you could bury somewhere or hide in the house. Within this capsule you could describe what is going on in the world at the moment, include newspaper cuttings or news from online resources. You could include a diary entry about your days at home and how you are entertaining yourself. In hundreds of years to come, you could help historians piece together what life was like in 2020. How exciting!

Next, I’d love you to take opportunities to write. It could be a story, an information leaflet about something you are passionate about, diary entries, a poem, a character description, a setting description, a newspaper article or a narrative about life in 100 years time. Use this time to write about what you want to. You can use Purple Mash to write these or do them on paper. You can share them with me on my email: Hopefully, next week I will have some wonderful pieces to share on this page.

Obi – my dog – is loving me being at home! He has had some wonderful walks and lots of treats. Let’s all enjoy this sunshine; we rarely see it!

Thank you to all the parents educating their children, while working from home or still attending work. I understand that this must be a juggle. We have a fantastic community at Cliviger and I appreciate everything that everyone does in challenging times.

Love and virtual hugs to you all. Happy birthday to Jack this week! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Miss Moran x

Year 6 work in the event of closing the school

While at home, children are expected to work through the 2019 SATS papers which are uploaded to this page of the website. Administration guidance is provided, outlining the transcript to be said to the children prior to the SATS and the amount of time allocated for each test. Please stick to these timings. A mark scheme is also provided, therefore please mark the tests after your children have completed them, or they may self-mark if that is not possible. Please review these with your children and discuss how to give a better answer where appropriate.

Once the children have completed these, they are expected to work through the rest of their CGP homework books for reading, maths and grammar. They have the yellow book to record their answers in, but they can write straight into their Reading CGP book. We have also sent home an additional red exercise book should they run out of space. The answers are provided in the back of the book, therefore children are asked to self-mark as they go.

A really useful website to use over this period of time is: White Rose Maths. This is the scheme that teachers are using to plan from in school. This website will be uploading weekly video tutorials to show children mathematical concepts (virtual learning). Children are encouraged to watch these videos. The website link is on this page below.

Should you wish to, CGP has some other excellent SATS revision books, which you can purchase from Amazon. They are all ’10 minute tests’, with answers provided in the back.

Alongside this, the children should be using the new spelling app and times tables rock stars each school day. The expectation is also that children will read for at least 20 minutes each day.

I will regularly review the work that is on the website. Please ensure that you check the Year 6 page frequently (in case of updates).

I hope all goes well in their learning and wish you all luck.


Miss Moran 

KS2 Calculations Policy

Summer 2019

Spring 2019

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6. This is an important year for the children in lots of different ways. Around school the children will take on a greater deal of responsibility, in various roles from House Captains to Sports Crew, and will be setting the example for the younger children. There are important decisions to be made particularly in terms of their preferences for secondary school. Again this year we will be going to the Christian Mountain Centre in Wales for our residential trip where the children will learn a great deal about themselves and the importance of teamwork when facing difficult problems. I suspect that this year's Year 6 will be another competitive group on the sporting front and will represent the school well whenever they have the chance. I'm sure that with hard work and encouragement this class will take on all the different challenges and opportunities with a positive attitude.

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