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Please practice your child’s spellings with them. These are important for your child’s next steps. We do not have a ‘Test’ but instead, look out for these in their writing. When you are confident that they can spell them correctly, perhaps your child could put them into a sentence with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. As a challenge, you could ask them to put one of their spellings into a question, with a question mark at the end or in a sentence with exclamation mark at the end. Sometimes when there is a lot to think about, spellings can be forgotten so its important that you remind your child to check their work. Don’t forget to ensure your child starts their letters from the bottom and joins up where possible. 


Thank you 

Spelling Bee

Don’t forget that the children can access SirLinkAlot too, which will help with spellings. This is used in class and the children do enjoy it!