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Home Schooling (if required)

Please find work below to complete at home.I have attached work which can be completed independently as it is revision and some which children may need a little help with.


Please let me know if you have any problems and email me at


I have sent all of your logins home this week for timetable rockstars, and purple mash. 


There will be work set on these and I will check what needs updating each day. 

I will also set spellings as normal each week for you to learn, however we will relearn these at school so please don't worry if you do not get round to this.


Take Care, 


Miss Stockwell

PJ and Reading Day


When we were all together we talked about PJ and Reading Day. When we return to school we will be having our own PJ and reading day and will hopefully get round to some of our plans! 


We thought about telling a story to our seeds in Reception. I would still love to pass on any of your stories to reception class so your seeds can hear your amazing work.


You could: 

- read your story in your pjs 

- act out your story 

- create a puppet show of your story

- use a puppet to tell you story. 

- send me a book that you have illustrated along with your story


If you do any of these things please email your pictures/ videos to and I will share these with reception. 


I would also love to share any stories that you want to read on video to the rest of the school. This would be brilliant as classes could listen to them at the end of the school day.  Please let me know if you would like to do this and email over your story read aloud! 


Thank you!



End of KS2 spellings - Can you spell all of these correctly?