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Home Learning

Hello everyone. Regrettably it has become necessary for us to use the Home Schooling section of the web-page for those pupils who are unable to attend school over the coming weeks. I will be teaching the same lessons in class for the pupils attending school so when we do reunite as a class, everyone will have covered the same learning.


The English and Maths lessons follow on from one another so it is important to do the work in the order that it is set out on the website. We have all done Monday's work for this week in class. There is a task or two to do in the afternoon too.


The work set is pitched at a Year 4 standard. Pupils may find some of it challenging and may need support. If pupils are finding an activity too difficult, please do not worry. I know also that many of you will be balancing working with home schooling. It is vital that children continue to work but please be kind to yourselves and do as much as you can and don't worry about the things that you can't.


In addition to the work posted, some of the most useful things pupils can do daily are reading and Times Table Rockstars.


If you have any questions please use the email to contact me. I will be in school teaching all mornings and most afternoons but will respond as promptly as I am able to. Thank you for your continued support,


I hope you and your families stay safe and well,


Miss Moran, Mrs Aggett and Mrs Bradshaw and Year 4 

My email is




Year 4: Home Learning (additional if you want it!)


A few new resources for you to use!


BBC Bitesize have today launched their Daily Lessons resources. I’ve had a look and there are lots of lessons and activities to have a go at, it looks really good! So try that out if you want to:


BBC Bitesize Daily



Hi Year 4. If you click on the link below it will take you to a fab resource for writing. You can print it off and work on the sheet or just work from it on screen on paper. Have fun!




There is also a website called Literacy Shed. This has lots of short but fab film clips for you to watch and then you can click on activity packs about the film which you can download. Hope you have fun trying them - the link below will take you there.


Literacy Shed - Fab Film Clips



please choose different topics like place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Work on the timestable you are currently on for mad minutes or one you find particularly difficult.

The app “10 Minutes TimesTables” is also great for helping to learn times tables.


For more detailed home learning tasks:

KS2 Calculations Policy



Here a few of experiments you can try together at home:


Make a rainbow

Lava art

Hoop Glider

DIY Ice-cream

Bouncing egg



You can find the instructions for these below.

Archived Material