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Our Governors

Our Governors 1 Mrs Claire Holgate
Our Governors 2 Mr David Shorrock
Our Governors 3 Miss Holly Fairburn
Our Governors 4 Mr Stuart Jackson
Our Governors 5 Mrs Camille Grimshaw
Our Governors 6 Rev Chris Casey
Our Governors 7 Mr Paul Holding
Our Governors 8 Mr Trevor Shanley

The Governing Body of St John's C.E. (VA) Cliviger

Mr Stuart Jackson(Chair)                              PCC
Mrs Naomi Healey (Head)
Mr Paul Holding(Vice Chair)                        Principal Officiating Minister
Mr Peter Spencer (teacher)                         Co-opted governor
Mr Chris Inckle                                             Local Authority
Miss Holly Fairburn                                      Parent
Mrs Claire Holgate                                       Principal Officiating Minister
Mrs Clare Woodcock                                    PCC
Mrs Ruth Lancaster                                      Staff representative
Mrs Camille Grimshaw                                 PCC
Mr Trevor Shanley                                        PCC
Miss Tracey Canning                                    Parent
Mr David Shorrock                                        PCC
Reverend Chris Casey                                  Ex Officio