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Maths - We have now reached the end of this unit. Have a go at the end of unit questions - I have included the answer sheet so you can see how you did. I have also included some reasoning and problem solving questions based on the things w have looked at in January.

English - Comprehension Activity Focussing on the reading skill of ‘Review’.


Your task today is to find out about some of the beliefs of Anglo Saxons. If you click on this link - - the same one as in the slide above, it will take you to a webpage where you can watch/read relevant information. 


Use the questions on the slide above to guide you as to the type of information you should be looking for.


I would like you to create a poster showing information about Anglo Saxon beliefs - you can include important places, people and events based on what you have found out.

Here is an example of what your poster might look like but you can make yours look how you want.