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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

In our class we like to have fun and enjoy learning lots of new and exciting things, both inside and outside! Curiosity and creativity play an important role in the delivery of the curriculum in year 2. We try hard to use meaningful interactions with the world around us and with each other. We also think it is important to show each other respect and understanding in everything we do.


What is Year 2 like?

What is Year 2 like?  1 We use lots of resources to help us learn.
What is Year 2 like?  2 Sorting and investiagting materials.
What is Year 2 like?  3 Learning outside.
What is Year 2 like?  4 Working as a team in ICT.
What is Year 2 like?  5 We have visitors.
What is Year 2 like?  6 Learning from the fireman.
What is Year 2 like?  7 Hands on learning.
What is Year 2 like?  8 Role play.
What is Year 2 like?  9 Interactive maths.

Field trip to Thieveley.

Field trip to Thieveley.   1
Field trip to Thieveley.   2
Field trip to Thieveley.   3
Field trip to Thieveley.   4
Field trip to Thieveley.   5
Field trip to Thieveley.   6
Field trip to Thieveley.   7
Field trip to Thieveley.   8
Field trip to Thieveley.   9

Bring Yer Wellies

Bring Yer Wellies 1
Bring Yer Wellies 2
Bring Yer Wellies 3
Bring Yer Wellies 4
Bring Yer Wellies 5
Bring Yer Wellies 6
Bring Yer Wellies 7
Bring Yer Wellies 8
Bring Yer Wellies 9
Bring Yer Wellies 10
Bring Yer Wellies 11
Bring Yer Wellies 12
Bring Yer Wellies 13
Bring Yer Wellies 14

Visitors to our class!

Visitors to our class! 1
Visitors to our class! 2
Visitors to our class! 3


Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3
Dance 4
Dance 5
Dance 6

KS1 Athletics Competition

KS1 Athletics Competition  1
KS1 Athletics Competition  2
KS1 Athletics Competition  3
KS1 Athletics Competition  4
KS1 Athletics Competition  5
KS1 Athletics Competition  6
KS1 Athletics Competition  7

Poppy Week

Poppy Week 1 Collage.
Poppy Week 2 Freeze Framing.
Poppy Week 3 Showing the first ever 2 minute silence.
Poppy Week 4 Soldiers showing respect in memory.
Poppy Week 5 Freeze Framing.
Poppy Week 6 Freeze Framing a newspaper report.
Poppy Week 7 Stitched poppies in our worship area.
Poppy Week 8 Finger painting poppies.
Poppy Week 9 Quilling for the leaves.
Poppy Week 10 Learning quilling techniques.
Poppy Week 11 Bringing two techniques together.
Poppy Week 12
Poppy Week 13
Poppy Week 14
Poppy Week 15
Poppy Week 16
Poppy Week 17
Poppy Week 18 Cutting a template for stitching.

Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London 1 How did the fire start?
Great Fire of London 2 Role play for Pudding Lane.
Great Fire of London 3 Thomas the baker.
Great Fire of London 4 Sketching a London silhouette.
Great Fire of London 5 Making 3D London houses.
Great Fire of London 6 sing books for research.
Great Fire of London 7 Cutting the silhouettes.
Great Fire of London 8 Sticking .
Great Fire of London 9 Careful cutting for the windows and doors.
Great Fire of London 10 Adding texture for the flames.
Great Fire of London 11 Using paint brush with control.
Great Fire of London 12
Great Fire of London 13
Great Fire of London 14 Thatched roof.
Great Fire of London 15 Folding and sticking to make a structure.