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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


We are well into the Summer Term and what fun we have had so far!  We have had lots of different learning opportunities both indoor and outdoor. Our Focus books for the first half term are The Rabbit Problem and The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 


Reading remains our 'Super Power' so please do keep reading each day with your child for 5 minutes.


Our class is very busy and the adults working in here are Miss Isherwood (Class Teacher) and Miss Woodrup (Teaching Assistant).  We also have Mrs Blackston who works with us on a Tuesday afternoon.  


As this is the Summer Term, the children will be getting prepared to move into Year 2 and will spend half a day with their new Teacher to promote a smooth transition.  As always, we will continue to work on our independence skills and making sure that we have all the skills to excel as we move into the final class of infants! 


Our chosen charity is Cancer Research UK and we will be planning some more exciting activities to raise money for this worth cause. We hope to go on our School trip later on in the term but as it is an extremely fun filled, jam packed term, please do check the weekly school newsletters for future dates for your diaries. 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Isherwood  





We are  busy creating our Year 1 Garden, which is Mr McGregor's Garden from one of our Focus Books, for the 1st half of the Summer Term. As part of our ongoing Science topic, here we are learning who to plant strawberries, an evergreen tree, lavender and some flowers too.  In a hands on way, we have been learning what plants need to survive and will be carrying on with this after the half term holiday


RE - Baptism



We have just completed our Baptism topic as part of our RE curriculum.  We have brought in images from our own Baptism or from our family members, some of us even brought in some from years and years ago.  We read the Bible story of When Jesus was Baptised. 

For Christians like us, Baptism is all about joining God's family.  Later on in the half term, we had a Baptism for baby Noah, complete with parents, godparents, grandparents, brother, sister, friends and family as well as professional photographers! We had a role play Baptism service in Church, followed by a party, cake and gifts. Baby Noah received a Baptism Certificate and Candle.  We were filled with joy that Noah now belongs to the Holy Trinity and has been welcomed into God's family, just like some of us! 


Making connections - Just like the godparents made a promise in Church, we made a promise to God on kites and then flew them high up into the sky to God, saying our promises as we moved across the playground.  


Mr Sansom came in to tell us all about adults who are baptised, making promises to God and wanting to join God's family, believing and trusting in him. We watched a video clip of a baptism in the river and then also looked at other people, including adults, around the world being baptised, including some from the River Jordan like Jesus did. 


Design Technology


We have started to create our own vehicles to go in the African Habitat. Habitats is our big topic for the Summer Term and we will be ending this with a trip to Knowsley Safari Park.  We have designed what our vehicle will look like and now we have started to build the main body of the vehicle.  Some of us have chosen to camouflage our vehicles, others have chosen the favourite colours and patterns. 



We will be using saws to cut the wooden dowelling (or sticks) to attach the wheels so that the vehicle will move. We will then be testing our vehicles to explore who's will travel the furthest, from the top of the ramp. 

Numeracy and Outdoor Learning 

Multiplying by 2 using concrete objects, pictorial representations and then abstract number sentences.  We have been focusing on 2's.  The children are now able to recall some multiplication facts of 2 and we are practising every day. At home, children could draw the groups of 2 and then complete the multiplication number sentence. 

Welly Wednesday 

It was a rather mixed day weather wise but this didn't stop us from learning. 

Outdoor Maths 

Subtracting number facts to 20 using real numicon, drawing pictorial representations and then writing the subtraction number sentence. 


In Literacy, we were very shocked to find that the rabbits from the Rabbit Problem story, had been into our classroom, wrote us a letter and trashed our room. We wrote letters to say that they can use our Woodland Habitat and the why this is a good home for these animals, cross curricular with our Science habitats topic.



In the afternoon, we discovered the different tree species that we have in our Woodland Habitat, using our observational skills. 

In Art we then created our own clay models of a creature that can live outside.  Some of us added natural materials from the Woodland Habitat. Some groups considered how to camouflage their creature in order for it to survive.  



Some of us took part in designing an outdoor flower at home and bringing it into school to be judged by two teachers from our school family.  We were very proud of our efforts. Well done!


We took part in a whole school drama activity, where we waved our crosses and shouted 'Hosanna' as the people did in the Bible as Jesus rode on a donkey, on Palm Sunday. We were overjoyed to follow the donkey and Jesus up to Church. 

Like the rest of the School, our Christian Values underpin the way we treat each other and help us to make informed choices.  

Our long term plan can be seen below, as well as the latest class newsletter and other important information

Please remember to send your child's water bottle back in every Monday after the weekend.

Please take a look at our Year 1 Newsletter to see what we will be covering this Term and any important reminders.
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