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Home Schooling (If required)

Week Beginning 07/02/2022

If our class bubble has to be off school in the coming weeks and months, here is where you will find the work for your child to complete at home. The work will be available immediately so that children can access it in such an event and will be added to over any period of being away from school. Please do not compete any of this work other than in the circumstances outlined above. We sincerely hope we will not need to use this page but feel it is important to be ready.  


Please see below a timetable to use for your home learning.  We recommend that you at least complete the numeracy, literacy and phonic tasks every day if you can - please don’t feel guilty if you are working, just do what you can do.  Please practise reading daily with your child, and remember to always have a bedtime story.  When writing ensure your child uses the pre cursive letters which you can see below.  We hope you all stay safe and well, and please email anytime if you have any questions or queries.


Thank you

Mrs Kenny & Mrs Pickup


Here is a timetable for you to use to help give you an idea of the time to spend on each subject whilst home learning:

9-9.30am Literacy


10-10.30am Numeracy 


11-11.30am Phonics


11.45-12noon Reading


1-1.30pm Other areas of the curriculum - RE, Understanding the World, PE etc


2-3pm Play together! - this is the main way your child will learn new skills and knowledge


The lessons and activities for these times can be found by clicking on the daily pencils. Please do not feel that you have to stick to this exactly, it is just a guide to hopefully help you.  If your child finds it difficult to concentrate, then make the activities shorter and do it little and often.