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Home Schooling (if required)

Well done Year 2 for your hard work over the last couple of weeks, those at home and in school. I’m really proud of you all joining in the Zoom sessions and lessons in class - it is lovely to see you all! Hope you enjoy the lessons I have planned for you this week and don’t forget the Times Tables Rockstar competition on Monday 18th 9.10am-9.20am. 

If you have any queries please contact me on 

Thank you

Mrs Johnston x 

Useful websites and time fillers for Year 2.....

Here is a timetable for you to use to help give you an idea of the time to spend on each subject whilst home learning:

9-10 am Literacy


10.15 - 11.15 am Numeracy 


11.30 - 12 noon Spellings, handwriting, grammar or mental maths


1-2pm Afternoon lesson


2.10pm-3pm Afternoon lesson

The lessons and activities for these times can be found by clicking on the daily pencils. Please do not feel you have to stick to this exactly, it is just a guide to hopefully help.