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Thursday 25th February

Phonics (Live lesson at 9.30am):  

Recap the sounds ‘sh’, ‘qu’ and ‘ch’, then have a go at writing them.  

Read tricky words be, he, she, me.

Have a go at writing the words; shop, ship, queen, quick, chin, chat. 

Play the Yes/No game by working with an adult to read the sentences below. Use your thumbs up / thumbs down to show whether the answer is yes or no!

Can a fish quack?          Is a shell a pet?

Can a hen shop?           Can a chicken buzz?


Maths (Live lesson at 10.30am):

After the live lesson have a go at the activity below;




Remember to read a reading book off Oxford Owl - pink/ red level.  All the login details are on our class page under ‘reading’.

Understanding the World:

As part of our new topic ‘Growth and Change’, watch the video clip below, then write a list of 5 things that grow. 





Don’t forget to join Mrs. Pickup for the live storytime at 2pm.