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Science is a really important part of our curriculum at Cliviger. The children in our EYFS class begin developing their scientific knowledge and skills mainly through the Understanding the World thread of the curriculum. Throughout KS1 and KS2 the national curriculum is closely followed for both knowledge and scientific skills. Topics (such as habitats) are revisited and built on throughout school, this allows children to learn in depth about a variety of topics throughout their time at Cliviger.  All children's learning is enhanced by STEM activities and links to our Adventurous afternoons curriculum.

Science Ambassadors


In school we have 2 science ambassadors from year groups 2 - 6. Our science ambassadors work hard setting up competitions, judging competitions, conducting pupil interviews and making science more prevalent around school. We have weekly meetings where we bring a fun fact from our science lessons and share it.

In the Autumn term our Science ambassadors have been busy finding out lots about science around our school. We interviewed all the children in our classes and they described science as all of these words!!

What are we doing in Science?

Science Club