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Music at St John's Cliviger aims to provide children with the confidence and knowledge to perform, listen, review and evaluate music. This is done through a combined approach of singing, playing instruments and listening to inspiring music. In our lessons we follow the Music Express scheme which is closely linked and organised based on our Adventurous Afternoons curriculum. 


There are a variety of musical opportunities for the children at Cliviger such as choir, whole key stage performances, class performances and individual performances. We pride ourselves on the amount and variety of music children are exposed to on a daily basis.


Extra-Curricular Music Opportunities at Cliviger 


  • Our school choir runs throughout the school year and is on each week. If you are in KS2 please come and join us! Contact the school office for more info. 


  • Lancashire Music Service offers a variety of different lessons to learn musical instruments. Please contact 01257 517138 to arrange this. 


  • Burnley Music Centre runs at St Leonard's school in Padiham on Tuesdays from 4-8pm, come and develop your music skills and join the fun. The group music making cost is £25 a term, and comes under our Silver Membership, for this pupils can join as many groups as they like, for example Brazilian Samba drumming, guitar group (beginners welcome), choir and our Ensemble For All (once they can play one note on any instrument). The cost of Instrumental lessons start from £7.50 a week. Please go to our website to find out more and register:
  • Any questions please contact Some pupils may be entitled to free lessons, ensembles and instrument hire. The criteria can be found here:

         If you qualify please contact to provide your evidence. 


What’s happening in music?

Choir performing at Burnley’s Gotta Sing

Choir singing at the turning on of Burnley Christmas Lights and Lantern Parade

Choir singing at the Harvest Festival