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Monday 18th January


Watch the story of Supertato below.  Discuss how the Evil Pea could have been the culprit at your house last week.  Make a sign or poster to display near your fruit or vegetables to stop the Evil Pea from causing trouble.  Remember to write a message such as:

Stop, step away from the vegetables.

Keep off, do not touch my fruit.  

Hands off Evil Pea.

Remember to sound out your words when you are writing them - do not worry if your child does not spell all the words correctly.  Encourage them to sound them out and write down the sounds they can hear (unless it is a tricky word).


Phonics - Live lesson 9.30am:

Read the sentence:

I will sing a song at the king.

Identify all the words with the sound ‘ng’.

Maths - Live Lesson 10.30am:

Ask your child to be a human balance scale.  Place an item in each hand and ask them to tip to show which item is heavier and which is lighter.  Use balance scales if you have them to check your predictions.  You could also use weighing scales from your kitchen and observe how heavier items will go to a bigger number.  Give your child a piece of fruit and ask them to find something which is heavier and lighter.  


Remember to read a reading book off Oxford Owl - pink/ red level.  All the login details are on our class page under ‘reading’.


Continuing with our topic ‘Stories Jesus Heard’, watch the video of Daniel in the Lions’ Den. Daniel was very brave, can you draw a picture of a time you were brave?  If you prefer, you can make a lion and write on the back of it.