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This week we are practising sentence writing using words/ sounds covered in Letters and Sounds.  Try to think of your own sentences for a particular sound/ tricky word and see if you can remember finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and neat writing.


Recap all sounds to date - sh, ch, th, ng, ee, or, igh, ai, oa, ar, oo/oo

Read tricky words her and was

Play quick write - say one of the above sounds and ask your child to write it down as quick as they can

Read the sentence and find the phase 3 sounds:

Her boat was sailing at night in the moon light. 





Complete session 1 following the link below, then complete the activity 





Remember to read a reading book off Oxford Owl - pink/ red level.  All the login details are on our class page under ‘reading’.


Make somebody an Easter card.  There are lots of ideas if you search online depending which resources you already have at home.