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Read are and was

Recap the sounds air, ure, ear

Play sound quiz:

It has two sounds and you have it on your head (hair)

It has three sounds and you might see one on a man (beard)

It has two sounds and a doctor might give you one (cure)

It has two sounds and you might get one if you feel sad (tear)

Choose a word from sound quiz and use it to write your own sentence




Describe a shape and ask your child to guess what it is.  You could then ask your child to describe the shape using words faces, edges, vertices/ vertex.  


Remember to read a reading book off Oxford Owl.  All the login details are on our class page under ‘reading’.


This week we are looking at money and discussing things we need and things we want.  Look at coins and cash cards and discuss what we use them for.  Write down some needs and wants and ask your child to sort them out under the headings ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, e.g. food, clothes, toy, sweets.