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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We have had a lot to do this year and have completed so much in a short amount of time! Continue working hard and always trying your best. There's so many opportunities for us and lots of things to keep us busy. I will update this page regularly.


Stay safe and happy, 


Miss Stockwell 


KS2 Calculations Policy

Work for Home

All of these activities will support learning at home. Please follow the links to access educational websites and apps to use. It is really important that your child is reading, writing and completing maths activities each day.

All logins for the children for timestable Rockstars and purple mash are stuck in the front of their reading records and homework books.


please choose different topics like place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Work on the timestable you are currently on for mad minutes or one you find particularly difficult.

I have attached the SWAT Timestable competition sheet for you to practice aswell.


Children have been set a text on purple mash. Please complete these following the steps on the screen. Children should be completing a chapter and an activity each day on purple mash and submitting this online. 

For each chapter there is

  • A section to read
  • A quiz to do
  • An activity to complete


You have also been given details for the new spelling app 'Sir Linkalot' this will be particularly effective and fun!


Additional resources can be found on literacy shed and pobble 365.

Science - Video Link

A top scientist has invented super strong magnetic grippers. These allow a man to climb the outside of a steel tower. The magnetic grippers were funded by the military who wanted to be able to scale tall buildings unaided. The actual mission for which they were intended remains top secret! Outside of military life, the magnetic grippers could be used for inspecting bridges, climbing towers or checking off-shore oil wells.

What are the positives and negatives about this invention? Can you think of your own real life invention which uses magnets? You could even try to make this!


What can you do to save the rainforest?


I would like you to do lots of research around this question and create a presentation of what you have learnt or ideas you have.

You could do this as

  • An information leaflet
  • A poster
  • A PowerPoint presentation.

Spelling Activities

Remembrance Poems and Art work

Remembrance Poems and Art work 1
Remembrance Poems and Art work 2
Remembrance Poems and Art work 3

Welly Bobs


We had a brilliant day when we went on the WellyBobs bus. We met lots of animals. One child from year 3 wrote this about her day 

'WellyBobs was fun because we got to have a hairy chicken on our head and we got to hold a guinea pig. When we stroked the goats we touched their horns and they felt like rubber. The guinea pig felt so soft and fluffy. We all had a really good time!’



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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 7
Picture 8

Welly Wednesday 


We had our welly Wednesday and it was terrific. We all really enjoyed it. We did lots of activities. First we made number lines outside, then we made instruments for our bands. We left them outside for others to use. In the afternoon we built Jewish Sukkots. We had the best day in the sunshine! 


By Emi and Isla.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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