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Year 5

Hello Year 5!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week of doing your work at home - school has certainly been much quieter without you! Myself and Mrs Millington can see that lots of you have been completing tasks on Purple Mash and some of you have emailed other work which you have been doing which I’ve really enjoyed looking at. I know that sometimes Purple Mash doesn’t work because of the large numbers of children using it at the same time, or sometimes you do your work but it doesn’t save. Please don’t worry, just do your best and do what you can do. I hope you’re all doing learning in lots of different ways too, maybe gardening, planting, baking or exercising in the lovely weather


For next week I would like you to keep doing what you are doing. The Hamilton Trust Maths and English and White Rose Maths resources are really good. You can print them off and complete the work in your purple books or wherever is easiest. These are really useful for when Purple Mash is busy. I will also add more activities on Purple Mash which I will be able to see as soon as you’ve done them. I know you’ve also received an email from school with other ideas about how to explore the wider curriculum.


I have also set a couple of challenges. These are optional - I know that lots of parents will be very busy trying to balance doing work at home with helping you with your work which is very tricky. If you can do these, great. If you can’t, don’t worry.


Challenge 1:

I would like you to design and make a vehicle of your choice. It could be a car, a plane, a boat, a rocket or something else. It should look brilliant as well as be able to move in some way - maybe roll, float or even fly! It also needs to be able to carry at least one important passenger safely. I would like this passenger to be an egg. You can use your purple books to design and sketch your ideas and think about the materials you will use and how big it will be. You might even make one and then adapt it so that it is even better. You can send photos or even a short video of your finished designs to I will put some up on the website so we can all see what we’ve achieved as a class. Have fun getting creative!


Challenge 2:

I would like you to keep a diary of this last week at home which you can add to next week. You might include what you have really enjoyed about being at home? How is it different? What do you miss about school - hopefully you can think of something! Is it harder than you thought? How are you still keeping in touch with your friends? Have you heard of any kind things people have done or you have done yourself? You can write this diary on Purple Mash (but it won’t be set as a 2Do, or you can do it in your purple books or somewhere else - pick whatever suits you best. Again you can send these to


And finally, thank you all parents - I know first hand the challenges of balancing working and/or trying to teach at home and I’m at an advantage given that’s my day job! I hope you’re not putting undue pressure on yourselves and are able to enjoy this unique experience of learning with your children. Please use the resources provided if they are of use but also enjoy the freedom that you have and keep up the excellent work! 


Enjoy your weekend and I will update this page next week with some of your fabulous work hopefully. Look after yourselves and each other. Keep smiling Year 5!😁😎

KS2 Calculations Policy - This will show you the methods pupils have been taught to answer questions in each year group

School Closure

As school is now closed for the majority of pupils it is vital that learning continues at home. The activities below are designed to consolidate learning which has already taken place and should be accessible for most pupils with a small amount of guidance in some cases. If there are any specific tasks or information for Year 5 pupils whilst they are away from school they will appear here:


I would advise completing a Maths and English activity daily and another topic based task. Pupils can pick from any of the tasks available in any order. Tasks which cannot be completed digitally can be completed in pupils's purple books or anywhere else appropriate. More tasks will appear over time. It is really important that pupils also undertake pe based tasks, art and DT projects and generally enjoy the creative side of the curriculum. There is a lot of value in activities such as baking, playing board games such as scrabble and monopoly and possibly keeping a diary.


Please click on the links below as appropriate: - The majority of work set will be on this online platform. Login details have been provided for all pupils.  There are a number of tasks set already and more will be uploaded as appropriate. I will have access to all work completed by pupils as long as they save it to their folders and will be able to respond to it.


Hamilton Trust - Home Learning Packs for English and Maths. These are an excellent resource to download and work through on a daily basis and are pitched at Year 5 expected level. - Click on the link to bring up a range of quizzes, activities and games linked to a number of relevant topics. - Daily editions of newsround are something pupils really enjoy watching at school and it is full of useful and relevant information.


TimesTable Rockstars - Login details have been provided for all pupils so they can access this as usual from home


Year 5 Long Term Plan - This can be accessed by scrolling down the Year 5 page. It shows which topics pupils have already looked at this year and what is coming next. It might be useful in directing pupils towards relevant activities/content.


Sir Linkalot spelling - An excellent chance to get to grips with this innovative approach to spelling. Passwords have been provided on the letter received a short while ago. 


Read, read & some more - Find some books that you love or maybe that you've never read before and enjoy!


Most importantly and in whatever way you might be affected, I hope you can keep smiling, look after one another, enjoy some family time together and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!






Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5! 1

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Spring Term 2020

Autumn Term Plans 2019

Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly

Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 1
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 2
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 3
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 4
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 5
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 6
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 7
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 8
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 9
Mr Cliff's Fab Science Assembly 10

Capenwray Visit

Capenwray Visit 1
Capenwray Visit 2
Capenwray Visit 3
Capenwray Visit 4
Capenwray Visit 5
Capenwray Visit 6

Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors

Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 1
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 2
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 3
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 4
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 5
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 6
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 7
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 8
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 9
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 10
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 11
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 12
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 13
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 14
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 15
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 16
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 17
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 18
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 19
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 20
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 21
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 22
Scince - Investigating Electrical Conductors 23

Investigating Angles

Investigating Angles 1
Investigating Angles 2
Investigating Angles 3
Investigating Angles 4
Investigating Angles 5
Investigating Angles 6
Investigating Angles 7
Investigating Angles 8
Investigating Angles 9
Investigating Angles 10
Investigating Angles 11
Investigating Angles 12
Investigating Angles 13
Investigating Angles 14
Investigating Angles 15
Investigating Angles 16

Science - Investigating Yeast!

Science - Investigating Yeast! 1
Science - Investigating Yeast! 2
Science - Investigating Yeast! 3
Science - Investigating Yeast! 4
Science - Investigating Yeast! 5
Science - Investigating Yeast! 6
Science - Investigating Yeast! 7
Science - Investigating Yeast! 8
Science - Investigating Yeast! 9
Science - Investigating Yeast! 10
Science - Investigating Yeast! 11
Science - Investigating Yeast! 12
Science - Investigating Yeast! 13
Science - Investigating Yeast! 14
Science - Investigating Yeast! 15
Science - Investigating Yeast! 16

Preparing Food for our Church Elders

Preparing Food for our Church Elders 1
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 2
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 3
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 4
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 5
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 6
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 7
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 8
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 9
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 10
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 11
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 12
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 13
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 14
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 15
Preparing Food for our Church Elders 16

Writes of Passage Workshops

Writes of Passage Workshops 1
Writes of Passage Workshops 2
Writes of Passage Workshops 3
Writes of Passage Workshops 4
Writes of Passage Workshops 5
Writes of Passage Workshops 6
Writes of Passage Workshops 7
Writes of Passage Workshops 8

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 1
Roald Dahl Day 2
Roald Dahl Day 3
Roald Dahl Day 4
Roald Dahl Day 5
Roald Dahl Day 6
Roald Dahl Day 7
Roald Dahl Day 8
Roald Dahl Day 9
Roald Dahl Day 10
Roald Dahl Day 11
Roald Dahl Day 12
Roald Dahl Day 13
Roald Dahl Day 14
Roald Dahl Day 15
Roald Dahl Day 16
Roald Dahl Day 17
Roald Dahl Day 18
Roald Dahl Day 19
Roald Dahl Day 20
Roald Dahl Day 21
Roald Dahl Day 22
Roald Dahl Day 23
Roald Dahl Day 24
Roald Dahl Day 25
Roald Dahl Day 26
Roald Dahl Day 27
Roald Dahl Day 28
Roald Dahl Day 29
Roald Dahl Day 30
Roald Dahl Day 31
Roald Dahl Day 32
Roald Dahl Day 33
Year 5 have had a fabulous day celebrating all things Roald Dahl! We had some fabulous looking characters and we even had a go at illustrating ourselves in the style of Quentin Blake. We were joined by Matilda who worked with the children in the library and some lucky Golden Ticket winners received an extra special treat of chocolate milkshakes! Well done to everyone for getting involved.

We Will Remember

We Will Remember 1
Below are some key bits of information that will be helpful as your child moves through Year 5. It includes examples of the types of things your child will be expected to learn in Reading, Writing and Maths along with different types of questions to help support reading at home. 

Book Reviews With A Difference

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