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Homework Summary



 In science we have been looking at the circulatory system. Complete some exercise and record 3 peoples heartbeats before and after exercise. What happens? Who’s was higher? Why does your heart rate change? 



There will be no homework or spellings set for the next week. You may want to use this time to do some extra revision. On the 31.3.22 I added lots of revision materials that you could use to get those last little bits in this week. 


Before next week commences please know how proud I am of you all and recognise how hard you have worked this year. Next week is just 1 week in our final year, and I cannot wait to celebrate all the wonderful things you have done in your years at primary school over the coming weeks. You are all special, unique and wonderful in your own way and there are so many more achievements to celebrate than a test score. Have a restful weekend and do lots of things that you enjoy. 


Miss Stockwell x



Please complete the grammar booklets given to you. 



Please complete the maths sheets you have all been given today and bring these back on Thursday. REMEMBER - use your homework book for your working out! 



The children have worked so hard over the last term and really need a well deserved break this Easter. I hope you get to spend lots of time as a family doing all the things you love!


When we come back to school it will be 3 weeks till SATs and I know that a lot of the children are enthusiastic and see the importance of keeping their brains ticking over Easter. With that in mind, I have added some activities below that might just help with this. There are some 10 minutes a day activities for each subject. Additionally there are some revision booklets. Please complete whatever fits in with your Easter holidays. 


Take care and enjoy your Easter holidays. 


Miss Stockwell x 


17.3.22 - Identifying Adverbs Worksheet

10.3.22 - Science Week Competition - you have been given the sheet below, please complete the activity and then hand it in - do not stick it in your homework books.



Over the past 2 weeks we have completed lots of work on decimals. Please complete the 20 questions below in your homework books.



We have been started our topic of evolution and inheritance in science this week. I wonder if you could find out information about your family and create a family tree? Just like the one below! 



10.2.22 - Half Term! 


Please enjoy a rest over the break. We will be really busy next half term. There will be no compulsory homework set over half term as you have all worked so hard. However, I have put some links below if you would like to prepare yourself for what we will be learning next half term. 


After half term we will be looking at Macbeth in English and fractions, decimals and percentages in maths. 


Under the fractions section on the webpage below, there’s lots of help about fractions, decimals and percentages. It may be that you want to have a look before the next half term or you may want to use it to help you after the break.


Below is a link to a short video of Shakespeare. This will help you to understand the story before we read the text next half term! 



This week we have done lots of multiplying and dividing fractions. You’re homework this week is to complete the questions below.


If you’re struggling use this link -



Your homework this week is to conduct research about someone. It may be a famous person, someone in your family - just look for your hero! 


You need to find information out about 


- Birth date 

- Early Life 

    - school, family, hobbies, friends 

- Achievements and difficulties he overcame 

- Greatest achievement/ what they are famous for/ biggest impact they have had


You will need this research next Thursday during our English lesson so please make sure you have collected enough information - I think you know what we will be doing with this information!!! 

20/1/22 - Complete the activity below in your homework book and then see if you can draw a circuit using the symbols



Your homework this week is to revise the grammar concept of hyphens, dashes and bullet points and then complete a test on 


Your logins are stuck in the front of your homework books, your logins do not have any spaces of capital letters. I will check online who has completed this, there is no need to write anything down. 


Revision - 


Hyphens and dashes - 

Bullet points - 


When you have revised then complete the quiz - there are 10 questions and you get 1 chance! 


Test -

6/1/22 - Maths homework



On the first Friday back we will be having a spelling quiz on our already learnt spellings. Please keep reading over Christmas. There will be no homework or new spellings over the Christmas holidays. Enjoy your time as a family and have a nice relaxing break ready to begin the new term, thank you for all your help and support over this term. 

Merry Christmas!



It’s a busy but wonderful time, so please use your homework time to play a board game with members of your family! You might try monopoly or any other board games you have at home. We’ll have a chat about this next Friday - there is no need for you to record this in your homework books. 


Please also bring in a Y shaped twig, thank you to those that have already done this. The twig needs to dry out over Christmas for our project in the spring term.


Please remember to keep reading this week and practice your spellings. 

3/12/21 - this comprehension should take you 10 minutes - please record the time it took you to read the text and answer all of the questions.


As well as completing your maths homework please bring in a Y shaped twig, it needs to dry out over Christmas for an exciting project in the new year! 



Your homework this week is set on purple mash (if you don’t know your login you need to ask before Thursday) below are the instruction to follow to create your own blog. 


The instructions for how to create a blog are in the PowerPoint below - remember if you are struggling ask before Thursday, this is when you will need to have created your blog. 


To access 2blog: 

1) login to purple mash 

2) click on tools 

3) look for 2blog 


Your blog can be about anything you like, some examples are below: 


- your football (or any sports) teams match reports 

- A how to guide. E.g. How to draw animals, how to bake cupcakes, how to decorate a Christmas tree

- Book reviews - reviewing books you have read 

- Your favourite holiday destinations. 


Anything you are interested in, you can blog about!! 


12/12/21 - This comprehension should take you 10 minutes. Set a timer - read the text and answer the questions and time how long it takes you. Soon there will be another challenge and you can compare times!

5/11/21 - Please complete the questions on the sheets - we have been practicing methods a lot in class please use what you are comfortable with!



There will be no homework for this week due to the sleepover next week. 


Please make sure you revise all of your old spellings for next Wednesday (see spelling page for more info!) and continue to read every night and record this in either your homework diary or reading record. 



Next week is geography week in school and we are thinking all about Climate Change in our world. 


We will be looking at what Christian Aid does to help our world and how we can support this too. 


There are lots of Christian teachings that inspire Christian Aid’s work. 


Look at the outlines below and then draw a picture that represents one of these teaching. Then write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen to draw what you have. 

1/10/21 complete the english matching sheet in your homework books

23/9/21. Complete Maths Sheet in Homework Books



Our topic this half term is Brazil. You have all spent an hour researching Rio de Janeiro in class (you may have done this independently or with others). Your research sheet is coming home tonight (Friday). Create a leaflet based on this research about Rio de Janeiro on the plain piece of paper sent home with your research. 


Please do not glue your leaflets in your homework books as they are going on display - return them in the plastic wallet your research sheet came home in. 


Below are some extra research sheets created by some of the children in our class and some example leaflets. 



Our first topic will be place value. Have a go at the following questions in your homework book. Please return your homework book completed next Thursday. 





In Key Stage 2, children are given weekly homework to enrich their experiences of the curriculum and consolidate learning. Homework will be a literacy or maths task or something relating to the current topic. Homework will be set on Friday on the class page of the school website and the children will need to return their homework books the following Thursday with the work inside. Children can make notes if there is not access to a printer. The homework book will be signed by a member of staff before returning.  If your child is finding a set piece challenging, please let us know before the Thursday it is due in. This will ensure that the children are able to complete the piece and build their confidence.  


Weekly spelling will be uploaded to this section. Children should practice these ready for the following Friday. We encourage children to read every night and for them to talk about their books with you and what they have read. This greatly helps their understanding of texts. We appreciate that people also have busy lives too, therefore we expect that children are reading 5 out of 7 nights per week. Reading records will be checked and signed on Monday and Thursday by a member of staff. Please sign every time your child reads. 


We thank you for your support.