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During the summer term there will be no homework set. Please read every night and complete your spellings.


From the beginning of the spring term (4th January) spellings will be set on a Thursday. Children will bring their homework diary home on a Thursday which will have spellings in to complete. Spellings will be on our class webpage under the relevant tab. Reading for Thursday - Sunday will be recorded in this homework diary also. Children will return their homework diary on a Monday morning. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights reading will be recorded in their reading record. The cycle of homework, spellings and reading will then begin again on a Thursday. 


Children can swap reading books on a Monday and a Thursday. Their original book MUST be brought back and returned to school. If books are lost or damaged please send replacements of the same book to school and notify me via


If you have any questions please contact me at



    Spellings Reading
Monday     Record in reading record. Books can be brought back to school and swapped. 

Record in reading record.

Wednesday     Record in reading record

Spellings set in homework diary - to be tested the following Friday.


Spellings will be on the year 6 webpage.

Record in homework diary

Books can be brought back to be swapped.

Reading record returned to school.

Friday   Spelling test. Record in homework diary
Saturday     Record in homework diary
Sunday     Record in homework diary



Homework - Follow the link and work through the webpage completing the quizzes for order of operations 

Previous Homework


This week we have decided to have a poetry competition in year 6. Please write your own poem for Mirror of Wishes. Think about your presentation, word choices, layout and the impact all of these will have on the reader. 


I would love to be able to display your poems in school. If possible you can post your poems to me or email me them. There will be a prize for the winner. The competition closes on Friday 12th February. GOOD LUCK!

Your homework this week is to complete the quiz on you should all have logins. If you do not have your login, please email me at 


The quiz to complete is 'KS2 SATs Grammar Test (A)' - complete the activities and use the information on this website for help.

Mrs Healey has asked you to create an alternative advent calendar which uses your christian values. I wonder who you could incorporate these in the lead up to advent? Please email a picture to and I will pass these onto Mrs Healey. 


Thank you.


Please watch the video on the link below then complete the worksheet.


Please also design our planter.

Please watch the video and then complete the semi colon quiz.