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In Key Stage 2, children are given weekly homework to enrich their experiences of the curriculum and consolidate learning. Homework will be a literacy or maths task or something relating to the current topic. Homework will be set on Friday on the class page of the school website and the children will need to return their homework books the following Thursday with the work inside. Children can make notes if there is not access to a printer. The homework book will be signed by a member of staff before returning.  If your child is finding a set piece challenging, please let us know before the Thursday it is due in. This will ensure that the children are able to complete the piece and build their confidence.  


Weekly spelling will be uploaded to this section. Children should practice these ready for the following Friday. We encourage children to read every night and for them to talk about their books with you and what they have read. This greatly helps their understanding of texts. We appreciate that people also have busy lives too, therefore we expect that children are reading 5 out of 7 nights per week. Reading records will be checked and signed on Monday and Thursday by a member of staff. Please sign every time your child reads. 


If your child has not completed reading and/or homework they will be staying in at break time the day their homework diaries are checked. This is to ensure the children are in good habits for high school and are taking responsibility.


We thank you for your support. 



Please complete the fractions sheet and the grammar practice. 


Your homework this week is a maths sheet (money and time) and an english comprehension. Please bring these in next Thursday to mark.


Your homework this week is a maths sheet and a grammar sheet. Please complete both to mark next week. 


Your homework this week is a reading comprehension and calculations questions. 



Please complete the comprehension and maths sheet for your homework this week. 



Your homework this week is to complete the informal and formal language. 


Optional revision - we have completed the topic of fractions, decimals and percentages. It will really help you if you also complete this sheet. 


Your homework over half term is to complete both the multiplication with decimals sheet and the retrieving information and key details sheet. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term. 



Your homework this week is to complete the algebra sheet sent home. 


I have also sent home mixed practice for grammar - this is optional but will be a good revision aid. 



Your homework this week are the reading questions in your homework folder. 


In your homework folder is also an algebra sheet that we have been practicing this week. If you have found this topic tricky or just want extra practice try to teach someone at home how to do these questions! 


I have put the answers on here so that you can check them - this algebra is not compulsory but is helpful!! I will also go through this in class next week. 



This week we have finished our topic of ratio and proportion. Please complete the sheet sent home to recap your knowledge. 



Your homework this week is to correct the passage. You have put this in your homework folder. Please try to spot the mistakes. 



There isn’t any set homework this week or over the Christmas holidays. Please continue to read and practice your timestables. 


I hope you all enjoy a restful and peaceful christmas with all of your family’s.


Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your support over the past term. 


Miss Stockwell x 



In maths we have been looking at the topic of measures. Please complete the sheet and return it to school by Thursday. 




Please complete the using a hyphen sheet that has been sent home.




Please complete the fractions worksheet to support your learning in class.



9th November, 2023



Christmas is coming so it’s time for Santa Claus to get his workforce in order.
Positive Footprints invites you to apply for one of the following roles, convincing us why you would be the perfect elf for one of these seasonal jobs. All Santa needs you to do is to put pen to paper and write a covering letter to apply.


Please return your entries to school next Thursday so that they can be sent off! You could win a prize!!


2nd November, 2023


We will be thinking about Rememberance Day over the next week. If you were to design a different poppy what would it be and what would it represent?

12th October, 2023


Your homework this week is to complete the comprehension sheet about Mo Farah.

5th October, 2023


Your homework this week is to complete the negative numbers sheet which is in your homework folder.

28th September, 2023

Our topic this half term has been Brazil. Design a flag which you feel represents the most interesting things you have learnt about Brazil.

21st September, 2023


Your homework this week is to complete the comprehension you have put in your homework folder. 

14th September, 2023


In Maths we have been focusing on the topic of place value. I would like you to complete the place value sheet in your homework folders for next Thursday. 


7th September, 2023


Your homework this week is to write a speech to be a member of the school council. You don’t have to read the speech in class if you do not want to be on the school council, however I would still like you to write a persuasive speech.


Think about:

  • What do you like about school?

  • What do we need more of?

  • What what do we need less of?

  • What would you change?