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Worship through Harvest Day

Harvest of the Flock
How is wool used?
Harvest of the Grain
Harvest of the Earth
Harvest Thanksgiving
Harvest of the Garden
Harvest of the Ocean

Harvest Worship.

Sharing our food with others.
Mr Sansom lead our act of worship.
Rev Mark told us about people who use food banks.
Choir sang and they were brilliant.
A story about camels and maths from Mr S!

Worship from Capenwray Students.

Christianity is worldwide.
The Capenwray students lead our worship
It was fun and interesting.

Taking part in Bible challenges.

Worship Club took part in the Christingle Service with John Paul.

Worship Club help plan and lead acts of worship like 'The Great Get Together'.

We have different visitors and teachers to help lead our worship. We also take part in fun activities linked to our class worship and often take part in worship at our church.