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Week Beginning 27/09/2021

Activities this Week


We will practise segmenting CVC words, e.g. dog = d-o-g, cup = c-u-p, so children can hear the individual sounds to help them with their reading and writing.  It would be useful to follow this link, so you can see how each letter is pronounced.


We will take part in PE, please ensure all items of clothing are named, and that your child has their PE bag in school.


In RE and PSHE we will talk about how we are special and different.


In Literacy we will begin our theme of The Colour Monster and do activities related to it.


In Numeracy we will be sorting and matching objects, as well as rote counting to 10 and beyond. 


This week try to play a game of ‘I Spy’ to practise segmenting CVC words.  E.g. I spy a m-a-n, b-i-n, d-o-g etc.  This could be played in the car.