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Week Beginning 19/10/2020

Week Beginning 12/10/2020


e    Pretend to tap an egg on the side of a pan and crack it into the pan, saying eh, eh, eh.

u    Pretend to be putting up an umbrella and say u, u, u.

r    Pretend to be a puppy holding a piece of rag, shaking head from side to side, and say rrrrrr.

ck – we sound it out once in a word, e.g. sack, duck, pick.  Practise reading and writing words with this sound.


Practise reading and writing the tricky words ‘to’ and ‘the’.

Remember when practising writing the letters please use pre-cursive handwriting.  Also practise reading and writing simple CVC words using these letters, e.g. ten, run, rat.