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Tiger's homework

Week 1 please complete pages 2 and 3 by 18th September

Week 3 set on 25th September - complete pages 4 and 5 by 2nd October

Week 5 set on 9th October - log onto your Times Tables Rock Star account (either on the app or on an internet browser). If you are completing this on an internet browser, you will need to put in the school postcode after you have clicked on student. The postcode is BB104SU. Then type your username and password. I would like you to play at least 12 times on Studio this week so that you baseline time can be established. This will hopefully get better and get better as the year progresses. Usernames and passwords will be sent out again on Friday 9th (in case you have forgotten yours). Good luck!

Week 7 Set on 6th November - complete pages 1 and 2 by 13th November

Week 9 - set on 20th November 2020 - complete pages 3, 4 and 5 by 27th November

Week 11 - set on 11th December complete the money workbook below by 4th January 2020