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Tuesday 20th April

I wonder...what are rules and why do we need them?



What are the school rules?

Do you have a set of classroom rules? Why?


What are the rules at home?

Are they different to school rules? Why?
Who sets the rules? Why? (Religious connections may be made here.)


Do different parents have different sets of rules?  Why? (Religious rules may be mentioned here)

Does having rules make things fair and just?

Can some rules be good and appropriate and others not? Why? Who decides this? Give a range of examples such as the Highway Code, Internet Safety, Apartheid, board games, slavery, no smoking etc.


What is the purpose of a set of rules?

What would happen if we didn’t have any rules?  Why?

Is there a difference between laws and rules?


Give individuals opportunity to record their personal opinions in answer to some of the questions. I think…… I wonder……Rules are good because……