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Fri 27th Nov

For homework this week I would like you to spend some time in the outdoors - maybe on a family walk if possible. Whilst out I would like you to collect 2 small/medium size stones and bring them into school next week. We will be painting them as part of a Christmas project. If you have already brought some stones in, that’s great. If you want to, you can collect some more for anyone who might not be able to.


Next week we will also be doing some assessments in class in reading, spelling, grammar and maths. I have set some activities on Purple Mash which will help pupils to recap on some of the learning we have done. I would like everyone to complete any 2 of the activities as a minimum - you do not have to do them all but pupils can do as many as they would like if they wish to do more.


Many thanks, have a good weekend!