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Fri Oct 2nd

As part of our Pjyama Reading Day, pupils have chosen the title of a book and created a front cover for it. For Homework I would like them to write the opening of the story for the title they have chosen. Pupils do not have to think of the whole story - I want to see if they can create an opening which grabs the reader in. It does not have to be a certain length - if it's good enough then it's long enough. This activity should take about 20-30 mins. The book titles are as follows:


The Cloud Machine

The Dinosaur House

The Purple Letters

A Golden Journey

The Magical Pjyamas

The Giant's Forest

Ships in the Wall

A Spy in Space

The Castle of the Mountain

A Dragon's Holiday


Pupils can handwrite it, use a word document or use 2Write on Purple Mash to complete their work. Thank you.