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Monday 25th January


I had such a shock the other day... I was looking through some class photographs and I found the Evil Pea lurking!  Can you spot him?  I am so worried about what trouble he might cause.  Please could you write down some ideas to let me know what I can do about it.


Maths - live lesson:

Use counters to find different ways of making 6, you could even use an egg box to help.   Record your answers using a part whole model - see the example below.

Phonics - live lesson:

Write a menu for your own silly soup using ch words such as:

chops, chips, chicken, chocolate, cherries, cheese.

Do not write the words out for your child to copy, instead encourage your child to sound out the words and write down the sounds they can hear.


Remember to read a reading book off Oxford Owl - pink/ red level.  All the login details are on our class page under ‘reading’.





We are nearly at the end of our theme ‘Stories Jesus Heard’.  Watch the story of David and Goliath, or better still read it from the Bible.  You could have a look to see what other stories you can find in the Old Testament.  Can you find any of the stories which we have been learning about?  


Complete the questions at the bottom of the page.