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Michael Rosen

Autumn Term Reading List

Dinosaur Safari

Escape of the Giant Chicken

Space Poems


Cool Buildings

A Lucky Find

Finn MacCool


New Books 16.10.20

Shiver Me Timbers


The Crystal Planet

East of the Sun, West of the Moon


New Books 9.11.20

Let’s Play

What’s On The Box?

The Destroyer

The Champion’s Cup

The Children of Lir

The Fair-Headed Samurai

The Travelling Players


New Books 4.12.20

Sugar Plum Scary

Flight or Fright

The Football Card Coach

Spread the Word

An Adventure for Robo-Dog

The Lazy Giant



New Books 25.1.21

The Chase

Human Body Adventures

Underwater Adventure

Save The World!

Swamp Crash

Calling All Villains!