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Re-watch the story on the link above. 

Using your story map from yesterday, todays task is to write your own sentences to make the story. Your adult can help you to use the story map so that your story is in order but please have go at the sentences yourself. You will need to check your own work. 


We are hoping for:

Capital letters

Full stops 

Finger spaces

The joining word ‘and’ or ‘because’

Efforts to be made with handwriting on the line

Efforts to be made to use different language including the time adverbials 



Adults - see what your child can do by themselves. Do you notice any mistakes that happen throughout, for example do names have capital letters or are full stops there? Speak to your child afterwards about what they need to remember in their writing - choose one or two points. 


As a reward for a long write, play Phonics Play online. Choose Phase 3 or Phase 5 sounds.