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Zoom focus - recapping on the ‘a_e’ and ‘e_e’ that we call ‘split diagraphs.’


Top tips - remember the sounds are soft and we chop the sounds not the letters. A ‘Phonics Play’ game to practice these sounds after reading and writing them would really help, this game looks at alternative ‘ai’ sounds (the ai sound family) and your child will find different words using the alternative sounds e.g. race, rain and day.  

Today we are going to read the next page of the Beegu book as pictured below. 

When you write the sentences to explain what is happening in each picture. 


Golden rules: 

Think it, say it, write it, check it!

Always start with a CL.

Finish your sentence with a full stop. 

After each word, put your finger on the paper to create a finger space. 



Use ‘and’ to link ideas.

Use the pictures to help you think about Beegu’s feelings. 

Use a ? Mark for the fifth picture.