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In Key Stage 2, children are given weekly homework to enrich their experiences of the curriculum and consolidate learning. Homework will be a literacy or maths task or something relating to the current topic. Homework will be set on Friday on the class page of the school website and the children will need to return their homework books the following Thursday with the work inside. Children can make notes if there is not access to a printer. The homework book will be signed by a member of staff before returning.  If your child is finding a set piece challenging, please let us know before the Thursday it is due in. This will ensure that the children are able to complete the piece and build their confidence. 


Weekly spelling will be uploaded to this section. Children should practice these ready for the following Friday. We encourage children to read every night and for them to talk about their books with you and what they have read. This greatly helps their understanding of texts. We appreciate that people also have busy lives too, therefore we expect that children are reading 5 out of 7 nights per week. Reading records will be checked and signed on Monday and Thursday by a member of staff. Please sign every time your child reads. 


We thank you for your support. 



Week 1 (set on 3rd September 2021)

Use the link below to find out about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. Record at least 10 facts that you have learnt in your homework book.



Homework Week 2 set on 10/9/21 due back on 16/9/21 - complete this booklet

Homework Week 3 - due in on 24th September 2021 - pick your challenge (two star is more challenging than one star)

Homework set on 24th September, due in 30th September

Make your own volcano. Here is a page with ideas.

Homework Week 5 Due in 8/10/21 - read the persuasive leaflet and write how the author persuades you to go there, then think about how we could use some of these techniques to convince people to visit Pompeii.

Homework Week 6 due on 14th October - we are having a big push on children learning their times tables this year as they are expected to know them all by the end of Year 4 but the sooner they can learn them, the better as it helps with other aspects of maths. Therefore please use the next few homework sessions to help your child learn their tables. There are some activities attached. You can can use these or anything else that you think helps. Please note that they are not expected to do all of this in one week but over the next 4 weeks. Evidence in the homework book could be a picture, a comment from the child on what they learnt or a printed sheet.

Homework - Week 7 - continue with learning times tables and the activities set last week. Well done on all your hard work so far.

Week 8: homework set on 5th November 2021. Due in 11th November 2021. Continue to learn your times tables. This will be the final week of this homework for this half term. Use TT Rock Stars to recall them. The usernames and passwords are on the year 4 web page.

Homework set on 12th November - due in on 18th November - research the digestive system - in particular, the role of: the teeth, saliva, the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine. BBC bitesize has some good information with videos.

Homework set on 19th November, due in 25th November - look at this page:


This is about newspaper reports. Watch the video and read the text. Then, find two examples of newspapers. These could be online or paper copies. Identify the different parts of the article:

1) heading

2) byline

3) lead paragraph (who, what, when, where, why?)

4) captions and pictures

5) sources (what people said) 

Homework set on 26th November 2021 - due in on 2nd December - Topic wok: create a model of the human teeth and mouth showing the incisors, canines and molars. There are lots of different ideas about this online from clay structures to paper ones. Pinterest has some good ideas. Be as creative as you like! Marshmallows can also work well!

Homework set on 3rd December and due in on 9th December. Complete the maths booklet. Well done on all the hard work you put into making the teeth models. They were brilliant!

Homework set on 10th December - due on 16th December - this should be a quick task to develop your skimming and scanning skills. Allow yourself a maximum of 20 seconds to skim read each passage and then answer the questions. This task should take no more than 10 minutes if you skim and scan effectively. Time yourself! You obviously will need to return to the passages to scan for key information. It is not a memory test :)

Homework set on 7th January 2022, due in on 13th January: TOPIC WORK: Think about Cliviger and Manchester. Can you make a list of ways that they are different? Also, can you find out what makes somewhere a village, town or city.

Homework set on 14th January 2022 - due in 20th January, Complete the maths booklet.

Homework set on 21st January - due in 27th January - Literacy: Think about our writing over the last few weeks about The Whale. What have you learned to make your writing better? Can you think of any particular techniques that we used e.g alliteration, short sentences, etc that you will use again? Can you show off the skills you have learnt in a short story for your homework? Task: write a short story using the techniques we used in class.

Homework set on 28th January - to be completed by Thursday 3rd January: TOPIC HOMEWORK: Our current science topic is sound. This week the children can decide whatever they want to submit as homework to do with this topic. Be creative! 

Homework set on 4th February - to be completed by Thursday 10th February - complete the activity

Homework set on 25th February - To be completed by 3rd March. As there are Times Table Rock Stars competition next week, the children should practise on TT Rock Stars. They may receive a prize for their effort! Children will be chosen for performance and progress. The children should record in their homework books how they have progressed e.g. have they become quicker at recalling a particular times table? They also need to write down any little tricks that have helped them to answer questions quickly e.g. if I know that 5 x 6 is 30 then 6 x 6 must be 36. Also, they can record how they would like to develop further e.g. is there a particular times table that keeps slowing them down?

Homework set on 4th March - due in on 10th March - complete the grammar booklet

Homework set on 11th March- to be completed by 17th March - The children have been given a task to design a new invention to enter a competition for our science week next week. The invention can be any idea which they think would be useful in the future. On Friday, the children went home with the sheet to complete the homework on.

Homework set on 18th March - due 24th March - Literacy: This week, please write a persuasive letter to Miss Moran trying to convince her of something. It could be why your football team is the best, to provide more break times or anything else that takes your fancy! I look forward to reading them!

Homework set on 25th March - to be completed by 31st March - complete the maths booklet below

Homework set on 1st April - due in 21st April - TOPIC RE: Research different places of worship - both different religions and different places of Christianity. Can you find any similarities and differences? Perhaps you could include some pictures and label them with significant items or ones of symbolism. 

Homework set on 22nd April 2022 - due in on 28th March - We will be writing poetry about a river as we are currently reading Wind in the Willows. As a result of this, please take your child on a little walk to a local river or perhaps a reservoir and ask them to describe it. They should make notes on their ideas. The literary techniques we are developing are: personification, onomatopoeia/sounds, powerful verbs, metaphors, similes and alliteration. If children could focus on the these techniques, that would greatly help them next week. If you are unable to get out, watching videos of rivers would also help them.

Homework set on 29/4/22- due in on 5/5/22 - complete the maths booklet

Homework set on 6th May - due in 12th May - research the River Calder online. Find any facts that you can. Try to include where the river runs through, where its mouth is and any changes to the river over time. 

Homework set on 15th May (due to staff sickness) - The requirement for the children this week is to learn their spellings for the Spelling Bee, which will take place on Friday 20th. It would also be good for the children to practise their times tables as the Times Tables Check is approaching in June.