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All of these activities will support learning at home. Please follow the links to access educational websites and apps to use. It is really important that your child is reading, writing and completing maths activities each day. 

All logins for the children for timestable Rockstars and purple mash are stuck in the front of their reading records and homework books.


please choose different topics like place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Work on the timestable you are currently on for mad minutes or one you find particularly difficult.

I have attached the SWAT Timestable competition sheet for you to practice aswell.


Children have been set a text on purple mash. Please complete these following the steps on the screen. Children should be completing a chapter and an activity each day on purple mash and submitting this online. 

For each chapter there is 

  • A section to read
  • A quiz to do 
  • An activity to complete


You have also been given details for the new spelling app 'Sir Linkalot' this will be particularly effective and fun!


Additional resources can be found on literacy shed and pobble 365.


We would have just started studying Rocks as our science topic.


Task 1: Your challenge this week is to identify some rocks in your garden and your home. See if you can find what different things are made from. 


Use this toolkit to identify rocks in different parts of the country!


Task 2: I wonder if rocks absorb water?

See if you can collect some different rocks on your daily walk or in your garden. Put them in a job of water (make sure you measure how much water you have put in). The next day take the rock out and see how much water the rock has absorbed?


You could then research why this has happened.


I'd loved to hear all of your ideas, I will try and upload the work I receive.

Chester Zoo are doing lots of live tours of their zoo and feeding time! Email what you can find!



Task 1: Our topic lessons would be all about Volcanoes. Have a look at a world map and see if you can research where different volcanoes are around the world. Have any erupted recently? Which are the biggest volcanoes? Which are the oldest Volcanoes?


Task 2: Watch the following video of a volcano erupting  


See if you can then create a warning poster for people who are around a volcano and may be in danger! 


Anything you send me I will try and upload to our work from home slideshow! Please send your pictures and ideas to