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Friday 29th January

Phonics - live lesson (9.30am):

Recap the ’ch’ and ‘sh’ sounds.

Read the words and then sort them into ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ groups; chip, shop, chop, ship, chat, shed.

Play Generation Game by looking at the pictures below, close your eyes whilst a grown up covers one up. Write down which picture is missing.



After the live lesson write 3 ‘ch’ words and 3 ‘sh’ words.


Maths - live lesson (10.30am):

After the lesson count some toys into a box. Ask your grown up to take out one toy whilst you are not looking. Can you spot who is missing? What happens to the number of toys when you take one out and then put it back? Does it matter which toy you remove?



Remember to read a reading book off the Oxford owl.


Understanding the World and Communication and Language.

Whilst out on your daily walk take a bag or box with you to collect 3 items along the way. Once you return home use the items as a prompt for discussion. The following questions can be used: What object(s) did you find?  Where do you think it came from? What is it made of? What is it used for? Can your child ask you a question about one of the objects.