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Day 5



Answer the questions about the picture below.


Question time!

What does ‘destiny’ mean?

What do you think Kate’s destiny is?

How is she different to ‘normal’ people?

How will she use her powers, do you think?

How would you use such powers if you had them?

Is Kate from Earth or a different planet?

How will other people react to seeing Kate’s powers? Will they treat her differently?

What will she do with the lorry? Why has she picked it up?





Read the article above. If you were going to tell your new friend 5 things about yourself, what would they be?


Fill a piece of paper with your favourite things (picture and words). Create a mind map all about you. 


You might include  

- hobbies

- talents

- interests

- likes

- dislikes

- friends 

- families

- favourite holidays 

- favourite words