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Cressida Cowell

Autumn Term Reading List


Beach Detectives

Castle Poems

A Life in the Sky

The Chase

Human Body Adventures

The Greatest Viking Ever

Beastly Basil


New Books 16.10.20

The Dog of Truth

Underwater Adventure

Calling All Villains

Tom Thumb & The Football Team


New Books 9.11.20

Ant Meets The Queen

Going Underground

Space Hunt

Bunny-Wunny Blockade

Julia Caesar

Real Heroes

Scratch’s Bad Reputations


New Books 4.12.20

Night Poems

Monster Poems

Ronald the Tough Sheep

Brer Rabbit’s Trickbag

Clever Monkey

Dick Whittington

Cool Clive


New Books 25.1.21

Roxanne and The Fairy Godbrother

Tall and Tiny

Awesome Skies

Messy Ella

Oh, Otto!

Harry the Hero